Drinking and Avoiding Gluten at the Same Time

It is always hard when you are told that you have a particular intolerance for some type of substance. Whether it is a simple allergy or something deeper, such as celiac disease, you know that your life is going to change. If you are told by a doctor that you have celiac disease, it means that you cannot have gluten. Sure, you can eat something that has gluten in it, but you are going to experience some very unpleasant symptoms each time you do.

And that means you have to make changes with respect to what you are eating and drinking. Some people are in a better position to make such changes than others. If you are the type of person who struggles to make these changes, then you will know that you have some tough times ahead. But the good news is that one aspect of a gluten free diet that you do not have to worry about too much is gluten free alcohol.

Yes, you will need to make a few changes in this area too. When you are thinking about gluten free alcohol, you will have to avoid beer. Most beer is made with gluten. And that means you will either have to research select varieties of beers that do not have gluten, or you have to give it up entirely. We would suggest that you move from beer to spirits. You will find that spirits such as vodka, rum and tequila are much better, along with whiskey and bourbon. You have no dangers of consuming gluten if you are having those spirits.

And you can still make some great mixed drinks, so long as you are not adding any ingredients that may contain gluten. And that is pretty easy to do! You will be able to enjoy cocktails and shots on the weekend without worrying about flaring up your gluten intolerance. Losing beer is tough, but there are some brands that you can buy in your local area that make gluten-free beer. And that beer will taste just as good! It is just a matter of making a few adjustments.